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Piano 1

  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Introduction Program    

In the Introduction phase, the sudent's level is assessed for intonation, rhythm and techniques in order to pursue the most personalized Instrumental program to achieve the student's highest performance level.

  Basic Program    

Basic Programs are offered to students of all ages playing Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano. These programs consist of teaching the student how to hold the Violin Bow, how to hold the Violin correctly and how to hold proper posture.  Further, the student learns how to play open strings and reading the notes in first position with Arco and Pizzicato.

  Yearly Program    

Students rehearse all year long in order to perform for our Spring and Winter Recital in front of all the Parents and other students alike. A vast repertoire to select from: Bach; Vivaldi; Mozart; Albinoni; Schumann; Beethoven; Strauss; Enescu; Dumitrescu; and more.

  Custom Program   

A Classic touch for special events, a European Star performing the preferred 
entertainment of Kings and Queens. 

Discography and media productions:

Susana recorded several CDs of contemporary repertoire with Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra  and has produced many concerts for the European and South American Television. 


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